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Withstand the Elements with Home Exterior Repair & Maintenance

We get it—home exterior repair and maintenance is rarely fun for homeowners. However, here at Lite Construction, we enjoy and take pride in the upkeep of a home’s foundation to ensure you’re able to withstand whatever Minnesota weather can throw your way. Whether you’re worried about replacing windows, siding, roofing, addressing storm damage, or wanting to give your exterior a “face lift”, our expert craftsmen know how to make it a painless experience. Your only job is to sit back and trust that your projects are getting done efficiently and with care.

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When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule Home Exterior Upgrades, Repair & Maintenance?

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If you’re repairing an active issue, the best time is right away! If a home exterior element, such as roof, siding, or window is damaged, water can quickly create a bigger issue if you don’t address it quickly.

Considering outdoor residential home maintenance in Minnesota, the best time is spring or fall. Summer can be very busy with storm damage repair, and some of our processes require a minimum temperature, so winter may not be an option. And it’s the best time for us to come in for rounding out post-construction landscaping as well.

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Home Exterior Repair and Maintenance?

Maybe. If your exterior is damaged from a hail or windstorm, there’s a strong chance that it will be covered by insurance. If you file a claim and it’s approved, you will be responsible for your insurance deductible and your insurance will cover the rest. Our team will be happy to provide you a quote that can help you as you navigate the insurance process.

The Twin Cities North & West Suburb's Answer for Home Exteriors

In Minnesota’s variable climate, we understand the need for updates and maintenance that can withstand the vastly changing elements. When a storm hits, or when you’re making sure you’re prepared for one, don’t consider a fly-by-night company that doesn’t understand the specific needs of a Twin Cities home. Call Lite Construction.

Need a quote for windows, siding or a new roof?

We can help quote your project in a timely manner while also considering any updates you’ve been pondering.