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How do you estimate the cost of porch construction?

Estimating porch construction costs by scale. The larger the depth, the better the space for furniture and function in your future porch. Porch construction costs can range $70 – $125 per square foot with median costs post-pandemic of $115 per square foot.

Choosing porch amenities affects the construction cost

Choosing amenities

The range is due to the vast number of material options which vary greatly depending on your project. Some of the amenities we typically work through with our clients include:

  • Gas fireplaces or other heating options to help extend the use of the room during Minnesota winters
  • Stonework over a real or faux fireplace
  • Amazing EZ-screens and phantom screens
  • Electrical services for mounting flat screen televisions and/or surround sound speakers
  • Vaulted ceilings, beams, wainscoting
  • Adding a grilling deck with maintenance-free deck material

How long does a new porch construction project take?

While project timelines can also vary based on amenities and material supply timelines, a typical porch construction project with Lite Construction takes 3 months.